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Tipping Point Action-Thriller – Trailer for Kindle Books / Novel / ebook

UK climatologist Dr. Dale Stanton dies suddenly in his London apartment. He leaves a will appointing Robert Spire as an executor. Spire’s job – to find a home for a large sum of money gifted to global warming organisations. Spire’s life is soon turned upside down as he investigates the death of a second climatologist [...]

Stephen king books -Thriller

Stephen king books Thriller

Vintage Pulp Fiction And Modern Fiction Stories

During the 1940s, America was full swing into the depression years and needed not only inexpensive entertainment but heroes to admire and fuel the imagination. Pulp Fiction stories and illustrations fit the bill perfectly! To this day we still admire the early fictional characters such as Tarzan, The Shadow, Sherlock Holmes, Flash Gordon and Superman! [...]

4 Great Sports Fiction Novels For Your Summer Reading List

If you’re a fan of sports fiction books then you’re probably already aware how hard it can be to find them. Or if you just like sports, sports fiction novels are another great way to read about your favorite game and celebrate being a sports fan alongside a good story. So to help you locate [...]

Vampire Book Series

When it comes to books, there are so many preferences that one may easily be baffled just by seeing the infinite book sections one can see in a bookstore. Opting for book series is the best way out. It is believed so because you always will have this tremendous urge to know what happens next. Vampire book [...]

13 Back Cover Tips For Non-Fiction Soft-Cover Books

Book studies show that prospective readers spend about eight seconds looking at a book cover before deciding whether or not to buy. If the book is opened and table of contents and testimonials are read, chances are the book will be purchased. Therefore, how can you as the author, get your reader to pick up [...]

100 Greatest Horror Movie Quotes of All Time

List of films found here: For the purposes of the video, all intentionally funny quotes (like Bruce Campbell’s Army of Darkness quips, or Chuckys various one-liners) have been left out. And yes, I know there is quite a few lines in the video that can be construed as humorous, but in my opinion all [...]

Best science fiction books

This is one dubious question that everyone wants to ask on Google, which is the best sci-fi book of all time. This isnt really as simple as a movie where Citizen Kane would proclaim the award every time. Books are different; no two ways going about it. Everyone one has their preferences and everyone has [...]

Horror novels children fantasy books New horror books best horror novels scary fiction books

Horror Novels The horror genre is something that is loved by all as it takes a person to a different world altogether. It exploits the balance that exists between the unknown and everyday life. Exciting Horror Novels have the ability to grab readers by their throats and do not let go so easily. From the [...]

Non Fiction Book Report

Book reports provide information about the structure and content of a particular book. It involves providing a summary about a book and giving objective thoughts about the book contents. Book reports also provide information about the structure of the book. This refers to the setting, plot, characters, ideas, themes and style used in the book. [...]

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