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Have you ever wondered what your real purpose or calling is in life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be a prodigy of some type: perhaps a pianist, mathematician, scientist, gifted athlete, or even take the spiritual path of a priest or pastor? Most of us end up doing something we fell into at an early age. As we gain responsibilities, we get stuck in these professions for the rest of our lives. This is the dilemma Robert McCabe encountered in order to support his family. He didn’t hate his profession, but he felt that there was always something missing. Then one day, after McCabe retired, he had an epiphany. Due to a dream, he suddenly KNEW his real purpose in life was to track down and battle true evil, and he could do it by using those skills he mastered during his career. He soon discovers his uncanny ability to search out and destroy evil beings in the world while his hidden gifts help him gain his true purpose in life. Find out what it is like to actually discover your calling later in life and then fiercely act upon that calling with all your knowledge, skills, and inherited gifts.


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