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Trailer for ANCESTOR, a novel by Scott Sigler

Order in print or eBook at New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler brings you ANCESTOR, a bone-crunching tale of high-tech horror. Available now in bookstores everywhere. Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Rivers Run Dry – A Great Suspense Novel!

The Rivers Run Dry By Sibella Giorello Thomas Nelson ISBN: 9781595545336 324 Pages What a great mystery! The Rivers Run Dry was the first novel I’ve read written by Sibella Giorello; however, I’ve already ordered her first novel, The Stones Cry Out. Enjoying forensic novels, I was pleased to see a new area. The main [...]

Pointers To Writing A Good Suspense Novel

Nobody can become a good suspense writer overnight. You need to go through a series of trial and error method, to achieve the master piece you desired from long. It needs a great deal of understanding and research. A thorough understanding of the subject as well as the intricacies of the story, are required in [...]

How Not to Write a Novel – Horror Novel

Horror is a fiction genre that exploits the balance that exists been the unknown and everyday life. Good horror novels are able to grab readers by their throats and do not let go as easily. There are numerous guidelines on the Internet on how one can write a good horror novel. Nevertheless, the following is [...] : “The Best Book I Ever Narrated” – Simon Vance on His Favorite Horror Novel

Audible asks your favorite narrators to share about the best books they’ve ever narrated. See what books have them talking at Video Rating: 5 / 5

Science-Fiction Novel – Major Authors of Science Fiction

Science-fiction novels are generally based on imagined or actual scientific discoveries. The creation of self-aware robots, space travel, the discovery of other intelligent beings in space are some the common subjects for science fiction. English novelist Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) is often considered as one of the precursors to science-fiction novels. The novel is [...]

The Novel Network-The Novel Network Review

The Novel Network is the newest membership site on the internet that allows unlimited downloading of eBooks. Members can choose from a plethora of eBooks, comic books, newspapers and other published works, and download them right into their iPhone, Nook, Kindle, iPad or other eBook reading equipment. The Novel Network is even downloadable to a [...]

Suspense Novel Writer

A professional suspense novel writer is in great demand among novelists today. Suspense, as a writing technique, is based on the psychological principle called the “Zeigarnik Effect,” which states that people remember unfinished tasks better than the finished ones. A suspense novel writer is often confused for a writer of mystery or a thriller novel. [...]

How to Write the Thrills in a Thriller Novel

The current market for a thriller novel is intense, and with good reason. Our world is an intense place to live and with the political adversity and volatile times, we long to be inside the lives of intriguing characters and controversy that challenges our minds. A thriller novel should be fast-moving and believable, with snappy [...]

Suspense, thriller novel takes readers on journey to author’s perception of hell

Article by Donald Hood (1888PressRelease) Tony Bertot, writer of the Assassin Trilogy, ventures into his first suspense novel “Hell Train,” is a gripping rite of passage narrative that readers will find compelling as it explores a nightmare of what may lie beyond. NEW YORK – “Hell Train” (ISBN 1468041053) by Tony Bertot gives readers a [...]

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