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Writing Fiction & Poetry : How to Write a Book or Story


When writing a book or story, first determine the reason for writing it, and then stay committed to writing every day to establish the exposition, complication, climax and resolution of the story. Compose a book, whether as a form of expression or a form of financial stability, with tips from a published author and English [...]

Lexie’s scary story

Lexie shows you a scary story a very scary story that will make you cry!! hope you enjoy make sure you watch the whole movie with the sound on. (music helps… trust me)

ACTA TRUTH HORROR STORY SOPA Exposed in the UK Richard O’Dwyer by Mike Mozart MegaUpload

STEAL THIS ACTA VIDEO! Re-Upload to YouTube and Everywhere! Evidence Blog Sign THIS PETITION to Save Richard O’Dwyer from Extradition NOW! http Richard O’Dwyer’s Mum’s Blog to Fight Extradition Julia O’Dwyer’s Real Twitter Please Follow his Mum before it’s too late! even more at UK Student Richard O’Dwyer is being extradited [...]

Based Upon a True Story?

This is a line that needs to be banned from those films that are truly not based upon reality. The films that want nothing more for the audience to believe that there is some amount of truth to them. I know that many may think that this is a harmless practice, but I argue the [...]

Amityville Horror: Movie & True Story

Article by Wolf Nibori Amityville Horror: Movie & True Story – Entertainment Search by Author, Title or Content Article ContentAuthor NameArticle Title Home Submit Articles Author Guidelines Publisher Guidelines Content Feeds RSS Feeds FAQ Contact Us The Amityville Horror. You’ve heard of it as a movie or maybe a true story. You might even have [...]

The Tell Tale Heart, THE Original Horror Story, from

Rediscover this classic of Edgar Allan Poe and experience it like never before. The seventy plus original illustrations and the spine tingling originally composed music and sound effects add dimensions that surely even Poe would applaud! If youre someone who enjoys drama and stories where tension builds to a crescendo then this is for you! [...]

Bitter Tales – A Worm Composting Horror Story Worm composter Cathy Parsons tells Bitter Tonic’s Irene Duma the horror story about her first worm composting venture. Cathy was a volunteer driver at the 2007 St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival. Irene Duma was SJIWFF Official Blogger. No worms, pedestrians or vehicles were harmed in the telling of this story. Video Rating: 4 [...]

Top Movies Based on True Story

A successful movie comes up with the in-depth post about the subject addressing the specific problems. Nevertheless, many movies rake in billions like “Titanic” directed by James Cameron or “The Pursuit of Happyness” directed by Gabriele Muccino. Needless to say, films based on a true story always take on special meaning to audiences.   “Enemy [...]

horror short story (ponchoman)

finished version of ponchoman filming started in 2002..and due to problems..could never finish untill now. (2010) not the full told story but its the best i think given the time scale an changes made..with new footage. anyway enjoy! Video Rating: 3 / 5 My first short and animated film, based on a rhyme i wrote [...]

Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story 01

Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story 01 New promo for American Horror Story, a new series coming soon to FX by Ryan Murphy (Glee/Nip Tuck).

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