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Best Selling, Best Seller New Detective Suspense Mystery Thriller Fiction Books 2011 2012


Best Selling – Best Seller New Murder Mystery Best Techno Thriller Books, Novels, 2012 KILL THE MEDIA? New Detective Adventure Novel Asks, “Who Is Killing the Media?” Jack Vane hates how the media distorts the truth for entertainment and its own political agenda. But when several reporters are murdered and the crime is pinned on [...]

Thriller Books The Suspense is Unbearable

  Be it a latest Robert Ludlum, or a worn out James Hadley Chase or the present day thrillers and crime and mystery book, written by such masters of the subject like David Baldacci, Steig Larssson, Sydney Sheldon, Anne Holt, Alex Greay, Marlin Cole, Jane Casey, Dick Francis, Felix Francis, Jobn Le Carre, Johen Grisham, [...]

Thriller Books – Enlightening Thoughts

With the coming of online book stores, avid book readers have various alternatives to choose favorite books. Every passing day, these stores are gaining popularity and are becoming right place for reading and buying books. It is providing space to enhance your knowledge and that also from the comforts of home. Going for them online [...]

How to Write the Thrills in a Thriller Novel

The current market for a thriller novel is intense, and with good reason. Our world is an intense place to live and with the political adversity and volatile times, we long to be inside the lives of intriguing characters and controversy that challenges our minds. A thriller novel should be fast-moving and believable, with snappy [...]

Suspense, thriller novel takes readers on journey to author’s perception of hell

Article by Donald Hood (1888PressRelease) Tony Bertot, writer of the Assassin Trilogy, ventures into his first suspense novel “Hell Train,” is a gripping rite of passage narrative that readers will find compelling as it explores a nightmare of what may lie beyond. NEW YORK – “Hell Train” (ISBN 1468041053) by Tony Bertot gives readers a [...]

Best Seller 2012 Thriller Book- Best Selling 2012 Suspense Mystery THRILLER BOOKS

In 2012, have you ever wondered–Feared–that something really bad could happen to you? ( Paranormal Best Selling Thriller Book, Re-Issued BY AUTHOR as Lost Relic Of The Gods ) In 2012, something uncontrolled and powerful–something invisible and untouchable that would forever take away your possessions and treasures? And–destroy–obliterate your freedom, your family, your past, [...]

Thriller Fiction : Know basic principle of a good thriller

Article by Tatiya T. Thriller Fiction : Know basic principle of a good thriller – Publishing – Writing Search by Author, Title or Content Article ContentAuthor NameArticle Title Home Submit Articles Author Guidelines Publisher Guidelines Content Feeds RSS Feeds FAQ Contact Us As simple as the initial questions are what make thriller fiction become more [...]

Watching Thriller Movies

Thriller movies, unlike other common genres, have the powerful effect to be able to influence our brains. It works in a way that watching these movies can slowly plant a unique logic into our minds that enhances our ability to think deeper and smarter. From the scientific point of view, movies like detective, murder or [...]

How Spy Thriller Novels Can Help You Give a Better Speach

Article by Charles Brown freelance copywriter, copywriting tips Robert Ludlum was the master of the suspense novel. His spy thrillers grabbed you by the throat, held you at a fever-pitch and did not let go until the last page. If you want to be a better public speaker, workshop leader or seminar presenter, there is [...]

Peter Thomas Senese: Best-Selling Geopolitical Novelist Releases Electrifying International Financial-Political Thriller

Article by Patrick1gall (1888PressRelease) Best-selling thriller author Peter Thomas Senese’s ‘The Den Of The Assassin’ is steeped in the new realities of our post 9/11 geopolitical world. Commencing in the concrete canyons of New York City’s Wall Street, we are soon pulled into a nightmarish world of terrorism and warfare of which no nation is [...]

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